Parola del giorno | Word of the day

Today’s Parola del Giorno is the verb, venire, which, in the context below, means to cost (you probably know the verb to mean to come).  

It can be used in the expression Quanto viene? to ask How much is it? (as in, how much does this cost?).

Remember that venire is a highly irregular verb (present tensevengo, vieni, viene…vengono). 

Let’s look at the context below:

Angela: Che bella! Mi piace molto questa camicia.

Angela: How beautiful! I like this blouse a lot.

Carla: Ma quanto viene? Questo negozio è molto caro!

Carla: But how much is it? This store is very expensive!

Angela: Non lo so. Fammi chiedere alla commessa. Signora, quanto costa?

Angela: I don’t know. Let me ask the sales clerk. Ma’am, how much is it?