non poterne più + infinito

Parola del giorno | Word of the day

Today’s Parola del giorno is the expression non poterne più + infinito, which means to be exhausted from doing doing something or to be unable to stand doing something any longer.

Don’t forget that the ne is obligatory! This use of ne is pleonastic (ne pleonastico) - what this means is that the ne is there more for style and convention than for meaning. It is largely superfluous but still necessary.

Here’s an example from earlier in the week from the expression essere/stare alla frutta, which used this expression:

Sergio non ne può più di cantare. Quando apre bocca sembra non riuscire ad emettere alcun suono. È proprio alla frutta ormai!

Sergio cannot sing anymore.  When he opens his mouth, it seems he cannot let out a sound.  Now he has really reached his limit!