essere/stare alla frutta

Parola del giorno | Word of the day

Today's Parola del Giorno is the idiomatic expression, essere/stare alla frutta, which means to have reached the end of something or to have reached one's limit. 

Literally, it means to be at the end of the meal.  Traditionally, the serving of fruit signified the end of an Italian meal and was often served as a way of promoting digestion as well as offering a simple, yet tasty, final course.  

The expression is used to describe someone who is totally exhausted and cannot continue. It can be used in a variety of contexts. 

See the expression used below:

Sergio non ne può più di cantare. Quando apre bocca sembra non riuscire ad emettere alcun suono. È proprio alla frutta ormai!

Sergio cannot sing anymore.  When he opens his mouth, it seems he cannot let out a sound.  Now he has really reached his limit!